General Terms and Conditions

(1) A licensee shall not commit an act or omission that is likely to harm the legitimate interests of other licensees.

(2) The licensee shall ensure that the Radio broadcasts provided by him are not interrupted suddenly except due to the failure of the equipment or circumstances beyond his control;

(3) The licensee shall abide by the quality standards in transmission level, noise modulation, frequency drift and voltage levels as set by the Authority or approved subsequently, from time to time.

(4) The licensee shall ensure that the broadcast installations or the cable lines do not become a security or traffic hazard, a nuisance for the life and property of the public or opposed to the environmental standards.

(5) The licensee shall be responsible to obtain necessary permission from the municipal authorities or utility companies and abide by their terms and conditions and other relevant regulations while installing the broadcasting equipment.

(6) The licensee shall not stop, cease or suspend the broadcasts except on account of causes or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the licensee, without the prior approval of the Authority and without a clear notice of at least thirty days to the target viewers, listeners or subscribers.

(7) The licensee shall make and maintain standby power supply arrangements to minimize power interruptions or breakdowns.

(8) The licensee shall broadcast public service programmes, which may be provided by the Authority or by the Government;

(9) The licensee shall be responsible for ensuring that the copyright obligations with respect to the programmes being aired are fulfilled.